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With the Helia Cloud Connect, you can interact with other smart home services. It's not required to use Helia Lighting, but it's a bridge to the next level home controls.

A simple, secure plug-and-play connection from Helia to the Internet.

Control brightness and color per bulb, or room, or entire home.

Enables voice control, remote access, notifications and a growing list of IoT services.




Model Number: Helia Cloud Connect w Depth: 35mm
Width: 43mm
Height: 71mm
Weight: 60g


Cloud Service Support: Amazon Alexa, IFTTT
Connectivity: HomePlug Green PHY™ Powerline
Internet: Wi-Fi 802.11bgn, 2.4GHz (via home gateway)
Upgradeability: Over-the-Air software upgradeable


Onramp To The Internet of Things

Connect through your Wi-Fi Network.

Simply plug your Cloud Connect Bridge directly into an electrical wall outlet in the same room as your home broadband router. The bridge then links seamlessly to your Helia bulbs over your home's existing power lines. Then, with the assistance of the Helia app, connect the bridge to your home's Wi-Fi network, in a few simple steps.

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